Monday, December 1, 2008

biggest post ever!

Quite possibly the cutest married couple ever...2 years down and they've still got it! check out how incredibly cute they are!

oh so sexy! I think this is my favorite shot!

only Haley would have a dog named Vegas. If Lola wasn't such a handful, I would steal this little boy in a heartbeat!

Vegas rockin' one of the new Pet Head puppy ties! so cute!

I love how you can tell how cold and overcast is was outside in this shot. my favorite kind of days ;)

Thanks again for being so fun and easy to work with...and for the wine!


ginger ivey said...

what fun are these! i love her pink tights! i like the feeling in the 2nd to last...good job girl!

Erin said...

so her boots are amazing! and i didn't even see the running one with the awesome lens flare :D nice work doll!!!!

and the wine?? nice!

Kylie Danielson said...

These are so fun! I love the one with the pup and their feet. I also love the little buy with the tie on! Great work!