Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Jenny and Andy

Thanks again to the gorgeous and talented Erin Woolsey for letting me photograph this wedding with her! Jenny and Andy are such a sweet couple. Andy is a coach so this wedding had no shortage of good looking men ;) This is the 3rd wedding I've got to shoot and I think I'm starting to get it down...what do you think?? FREAKIN' COMMENT!  I mean...please?

Jenny getting her hair did.

the rings!
those handsome groomsmen I mentioned before ;)
gorgeous bride getting into her dress
Erin commented that there were so many hands on Andy...she was right.

these bridesmaids were so fun! they suggested running on the golf course! Erin and I were like, "Um yea?!"

practicing their dance before they walked into the reception
delicious cakes!

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erin said...

uhm..... flipping AMAZING!!!! These are fantastic Kasey!!!!! aww, she is going to LOVE them :D :D
great great great job :)