Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bienvenidos American Girl

If someone said to you, in 1 year, you will be living and working in Costa Rica fulfilling a lifelong dream, would you believe them? I would have. This country that I have visited 3 times before is now my home. So if youre wondering how I did it, this is how. I spent a few hours each week all though this past summer looking online for jobs. "You've got to have a valid reason to go. You have to have money to live on. People will think you're throwing away an amazing job if you dont have one more amazing to go to!" This is what I thought. So I looked. And finally, for 4 months of looking, I came across a position on Craigslist-Costa Rica, had a phone interview and was offered a new full time job as the Creative Director at a marketing company in Escazu. What a dream right? Everyone I told my plans to expressed their excitement, support, happiness, jealousy, etc. every feeling you want to have from someone when you're doing something as risky as this. Risky. yes it is. exciting, sure! fun, no doubt. but risk....yes risk. Will the job be worth it? Will I make friends? Where will I live? Will I get robbed? Will it live up to the expectations I have in my head? I hope so. but thats all you can really do....be positive and live the life of a Tico.

So within 1 month, I accepted the job, packed my house, quit my job, changed my addresses on EVERYTHING (which is a lot more stuff than you think) canceled memberships all over the place, packed all my essencials into 4 suitcases and moved to this little pueblo I now call home. San Joaquin de Flores. I live with the same family I studied Spanish with 5 years ago. I will live with them until Christmas, go back to Dallas for the Holidays, and then move back to an apartment bringing my little dog Lola. As for now, this is the plan.

I have officially been living here for 10 days now. The first 4 of which I spent on a beach excursion with 2 of my wonderful friends who helped me move down here and were ready for a little adventure.
They requested 3 things, beaches, monkeys and dancing. I gave them all 3 and a little more ;)

We had an amazing time. Missing my friends so much right now. So now I live in this room:

yes. yes I do. in all its Green 8x8 foot glory, there it is. magnificent, no, livable, completely. Trust me, that fan is working its magic at this very moment.

With that said, tune in the to the further adventures of me. trust me, I wont take the time to write it unless its worth it.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Home Remodel? Maybe so.

Im considering an update in my living room. I got a little design inspiration and came up with the final color pallet in the last image. I think it might end up looking slightly nautical if not done properly. but still...adorable I think!

I love the mix of prints with these pillows. all so very different but chic perfection together.
I am loving this chandelier! so incredible....I think anyone with a craft bone could make it!
THIS amazing painting of a butterfly wing would painted on a big piece of plywood and leaned up against a wall. drawing in the black and white wall effect!
this is the amazing room inspiration. I love the combo of mustard, red, black and white, and muted tealy-blue. so loverly.
THIS is the final inspiration. thoughts please!

Costa Rican Wedding

I went to Costa Rica this past May and had the opportunity to shoot a wedding with the WONDERFUL and AMAZING Ale Sura of Ale Sura Photography in Costa Rica. This wedding was one of the biggest and nicest events Ive ever been to. It was even cooler to be able to shoot a wedding speaking ONLY spanish! I would say, "Ustedes quieren un photo? Si? Ok UNO, DOS, TRES!" It was the coolest experience. I wish I could do more locations out of the country! book me people! Ill give you a great deal ;) Let me know what you think of these!

Monday, December 1, 2008

biggest post ever!

Quite possibly the cutest married couple ever...2 years down and they've still got it! check out how incredibly cute they are!

oh so sexy! I think this is my favorite shot!

only Haley would have a dog named Vegas. If Lola wasn't such a handful, I would steal this little boy in a heartbeat!

Vegas rockin' one of the new Pet Head puppy ties! so cute!

I love how you can tell how cold and overcast is was outside in this shot. my favorite kind of days ;)

Thanks again for being so fun and easy to work with...and for the wine!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sneak Peek!

I had one of the most amazing photo sessions with my beautiful friend Haley and her husband William. Here's a little sneak peek of what's to come ;)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

one seriously beautiful family ;)

Jamie, Jordan and Baxter are such a CUTE family! Jamie and I work together at TIGI and I just love her to death! I leaped at the chance to take Christmas pictures of them! Believe it or not, Baxter is just a puppy...and had the attitude to prove it! I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with my skills at getting a few decent shots of him! thanks for looking! 

oh and p.s. dont forget to comment!!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Jenny and Andy

Thanks again to the gorgeous and talented Erin Woolsey for letting me photograph this wedding with her! Jenny and Andy are such a sweet couple. Andy is a coach so this wedding had no shortage of good looking men ;) This is the 3rd wedding I've got to shoot and I think I'm starting to get it down...what do you think?? FREAKIN' COMMENT!  I mean...please?

Jenny getting her hair did.

the rings!
those handsome groomsmen I mentioned before ;)
gorgeous bride getting into her dress
Erin commented that there were so many hands on Andy...she was right.

these bridesmaids were so fun! they suggested running on the golf course! Erin and I were like, "Um yea?!"

practicing their dance before they walked into the reception
delicious cakes!